I wrote 'You Reign' for an Easter church service one year. It was the first song I had ever written. It is featured on the debut album by Wired Worship which was released during lockdown in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. This song made it to the number 3 spot in the UK Christian Chart in October 2020.

Never Let Me Go was written by Caroline Crawford, Chris Boanca and Tabitha Garwe. It is based on a real life event that left Caroline's husband in hospital and questioning his safety from spiritual attacks.

God spoke to His heart and reminded him that 'all of those who follow God belong to Him.' That He would 'never hand him over to the devil.' This inspired the lyrics 'Never hane me over, never let me go' which feature in the song.

The video was filmed in Derry Donegal Christian Fellowship Church by Chris and Caroline and features some of the well known and loved worship leaders in Ireland.

Sit a While with Me was released in April 2021. It was written by Caroline Crawford during a prayer meeting with friends. The full song was released on all major platforms and this acoustic version was recorded by Caroline's husband during the second Irish lockdown. It was amazing to see individuals step out and try new things to help the work of God continue while we were in isolation.

Rescue was released in October 2020 on the weekend of the A21 Anti-Slavery Globel Summit to raise awareness of the vital work that they carry out to free victims of modern day slavery and help them to rebuild their lives.

Run Wild was written by Soundwave Community. They are a worship collective like Wired Worship based in Florida. We linked in and they kindly let me cover their song. I wish I had written it myself.

I first heard 'Yeshua' sang by my good friend and worship leader Laura Thompson from Mayo. She and her daughter were singing it in their home and I was so moved by them sharing their special moment. This is my acoustic cover of one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

During the pandemic lockdown in 2020, many churches and artists in Ireland united to record and sing a blessing over this nation. This song 'Be Thou My Vision' is our gift to the nation at a time of uncertainty and fear. God is with you, always.

'Canvas and the Clay' was written by Patt Barrett and was sang with the Irish people at the Open Skies worship festival in 2019. It touched the hearts and souls of so many and sent a shockwave of revelation through the hearts of everyone there. I brought this song together with my own song 'Testimony.'

On a cold autumn day some friends gathered in the woods to sing and worship God around a camp fire in the hills of Donegal. In this video you will see some of my closest friends and family. 'Testimony' was written as an anthem to a life surrendered to Christ. As christians we get to share the goodness of God and love of Christ to this world. This song boldly shares of a heart that wants to be known for knowing Jesus. This song has been on quite a journey since its release and reached number 8 in the UK Christian Chart in March 2019.

After releasing 'I Surrender' in September 2018, I felt inspired to record and release an acoustic version. This song was recorded and filmed at the Nerve Centre in Derry by my good friends Philip Steele and Emma Green (I should say family).

I have always shared my home as a place for ministers to stay when they travel. In the summer of 2018 Laura Powell an Australian missionary came to stay and we ended up song writing together 'I Surrender'. This song was inspired by a conversation over making the daily decision to surrender our hearts to God. As a gifted photographer Laura was able to shoot the video in the woods behind our home. The stunning dancer is a good friend of ours from Derry, Hannah Wasson.